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    A considerable part of LGBT prejudice comes from “this person has no morals” line of thinking. So I guess you’re just an...
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    Yes, because my biggest concern about disclosing my being bisexual is being called ‘slutty’ (I’m called that for wearing...
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    You better fucking pray you never pass me in the street or I will make you eat the keyboard you wrote this piece of shit...
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    hahahahaha you guyssssssss stop complaining about your problemz mine r worst than urrrrsssssssss #privilege ##
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    seriously i see this all the time, making others’ problems out to be insignificant be cause they dont seeeeeeeem to be...
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    So today I just read “Drown Them In A Sea Of Noise: Part 1" and all I could think about was this fucking queersecrets...
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    Holy biphobia. No, this is incorrect in the highest sense of the word. Bi/pan is one of the few groups that get...
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  18. gruntlock said: Fuck you for posting that. If you really want to help some worthless bigot play oppression olympics, at least be consistent and stop your hate-blog until women and people of color have gained full equality. After all, they were first.
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    this is fucking stupid. i agree w/treb
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    Every line of this is full of ignorance and arrogance. First all Bi activists talk about a lot of things other than the...
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    Listen. We’re painted with that same broad homophobic brush you do and we do speak out about those issues. It’s just...
  22. pardyart said: Wow, fuck you. Just because it’s not the biggest problem doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. My own father called me a polygamous whore when I came out, despite the fact that I am 100% monogamous. Being bi is not a privilege. Fuck off.
  23. munchmuffer said: what. a. cunt.
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    This is really interesting to me. Not only because it relates in a way to my last post, but also because I’m usually...
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    One order of Oppression Olympics, please. Can you put some self-righteousness on the side?